Kart360.com Interviews Jason Berry and Norcal Karters

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When Kart360.com reached out to us regarding our www.NorcalKarters.com webpage project, we were surprised.  Some may see our two companies as competition, but I’m glad to see the powers to be at Kart360 realize we have the same overall goal, Growing Karting Together.

Read the full article here -” http://kart360.com/features/cornered-jason-berry-of-norcalkarters.com ”

What a great opportunity.

HotHead Engine Heaters Supports Norcal Karters Fundraising Effort

HotHead Engine Heater Logo

HotHead Engine Heater Logo

The Norcal Karters project has once again received a nice boost in the fundraising efforts department.  Local Northern California company, Hot Products Engineering, has offered a revolutionary engine pre-heating device specifically marketed for the water cooled karting engine application.  Whether you drive a shifter kart, TaG package, or a water cooled Outlaw Kart, this product is for you.

The Cube is revolutionizing the sport of Karting. Racers can now afford a product that extends engine life, reduces qualifying times and delivers unbeatable engine response on initial starts. Priced at about the cost of a set of tires, preheating eliminates the stressful planning and timing of the harmful revving ritual.

Simply install the CUBE onto the Kart, plug in the power cord, wait less than 10 minutes and your engine and radiator are up to peak operating temperature. Initial on-track driver confidence and forward acceleration is noticeably improved, just look to see what LeMans, Indy Car, F3 and NASCAR racing teams are doing. Over 10 years of engineering and on-track testing with these teams guarantees construction quality and heating performance. CUBE technology has recently delivered team benefits and wins at the National level. Features and benefits include:

  • Consistent 130°F engine temperature
  • Simple 110v power cord connection
  • Light weight, only 1.3lbs
  • Installs (permanently) in 5 minutes
  • Affordable, only $239.00
  • Extend piston and ring (and clutch) life by 30%
  • Faster initial starts
  • Always ready to grid, no pre-race revving
  • Delivered many national level wins

To read more about Hot Products contribution to our fundraising effort, visit our official ” crowd funding site. ”


Molecule Labs Supports the Norcal Karters Fundraising Cause

Modesto Grand Prix with the Molecule Girls

Modesto Grand Prix with the Molecule Girls

The Norcal Karters project is truly a grassroots effort.  We are building this page to supply our local Norcal Karters with information on karting, schedules, track directories, and free services such as a public forum and classifieds.

When we received word that Molecule Labs wanted to support this grassroots effort, we were overly excited.  Molecule Labs has its roots in both specialty chemical manufacturing and motor sports. Over the years, its creator, Michael Guasch, has often worn a lab coat one day and a racing suit the next. His unique understanding of these two distinct professions brought Molecule™ Technical Fabric Care System into being.

Now Molecule Labs is helping the Norcal karting effort.  In addition to products for the FUNDRAISING EFFORT , Molecule has information and technical advice on the company website to help you maintain your driving suits, helmets, and race car care.

Please like them on facebook, add them on twitter, and say thank you to Molecule Labs.

Norcal Karters Presence on Facebook Explodes

Norcal Karters and Facebook

Norcal Karters and Facebook

In less than 12 hours, the official Facebook page for Norcal Karters, www.facebook.com/norcalkarters , exploded by 263%.  This is very exciting for the ones working on the Norcal Karters community project.  This shows an interest in our mission to unite all Northern California Karters (and surrounding areas).

Over the next few weeks, you see key site features roll out in the following order:

  1.  Free Karting Classifieds for Oval, Sprint, and Road Racing
  2.  Karting Forums for Oval, Sprint, and Road Racing (maybe indoor karting as well)
  3.  Full Track Directory
  4.  2015 Racing Calendar
  5. and many more features

We need your support to make this project a success.  Please share our social media pages with your fellow racing friends.  If you have a few minutes to write us an email, please share what aspects are important to you.

This site is for you, so we want your input.

Good Night and Thank you for the social media support


Fundraising Effort Is Underway With Norcal Karters

Fundraising Effort for NorcalKarters.com

FundRazr Logo – Northern California Karters

Everyone involved in the Norcal Karters website project is devoted to a long term community solution.  In order to maintain this project, we need financial assistance.  Our goal is to keep the content and the webpage clean and simple, without a lot of “Sell Out” type advertising.

We don’t want to induce a seizure because or website is laden with flash button or banner ads.

Please help us make the best site possible for our Northern California Karting community.

Click Here> Please Support Our Norcal Karting Cause.

Thank you,


New Owner, New Attitude, New Direction

Growing the sport of karting, TOGETHER!

We’re currently working on the website. Check back later to see when it’s finished!


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