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It Only Takes One

This editorial had spun off into multiple posts before I finally hit the publish button.  It Only Takes One started multiple spin offs, but I had to focus on 1 topic.  Over the past few years, my Norcal Karters project has drifted somewhat aimlessly on the world wide web.  My original intention was to bring Norcal Karters back to its local former glory and I realized I’ve not been able to keep up with the times of communication or social media technologies and habits of the karting community.

So, I focused by efforts on combining local race calendars into one while I floundered around for direction for Norcal Karters.  More recently, there have been a few karting social media events that led me to re-examine a karting website or portal.  During these social media storms of controversy, 1 person reached out to me regarding my point of view on local karting.  He was seeing the same thing I was seeing, although his approach and ideas were much different than mine.

Enter David Bixler.  I’ve chatted with David a few times at Blue Max and other kart tracks while competing against his son, Donovan.  We seem to find each other on the the grid starting nearby one another at all the events we attend.  David’s approach was to bring non-current existing karters back to the track and to give them a reason to race.  He started to pitch a money race, in which I listened, but didn’t see how effective it would be for the long term.

For about a year, my focus for Norcal Karters has been researching and pitching ideas to bring new people into the sport.  After multiple discussions with many people, I found some other obstacles that need to be addressed to properly grow our sport for the long term.  Which brought me back around to David’s ideas.  We spoke multiple times and verbally had a plan to implement David’s Money Race idea.

It only takes one more person to help grow karting.  Understanding that most local clubs are short handed due to the structure of a volunteer based group, the local clubs have long lists of to-do’s and must-do’s in order to host an event and keep the track open.  When someone like David Bixler steps up to take on a new project, it breathes fresh air into a program.

Imagine at the club level, a $500.00 cash payout for 1 race event.  Now, add another $500.00 cash payout for a second race.  Well David imagined the possibilities, then put action into place.  For the last two remaining Blue Max Kart club races, there will be $1000.00 dollars paid out, in cash.  He has also secured a new helmet, driving gloves, balaclava, custom helmet paint job, custom decal sticker kits, a Briggs LO206 engine rebuild, gift certificates, product discounts, Blue Max Race Entries, Sprockets and chains, MG / Evinco Tires, and the list is growing.

This is on top of the 4 Briggs LO206 engines that is being given away by Karting Concepts for the Blue Max kart club series.

It Only Take One to make a good thing better.  If you would like to contribute to this effort or help for 2018, send us an email.

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