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Andrew Kemp Receives KPX Sonoma Entry

BlueMaxKartClub-logo The dynamics of karting at a club level are unique when compared to other higher competitive levels. This past weekend, Blue Max Kart Club had their first of two races for Cash and Prizes to wrap up the 2017 season.

One of the club supporters, KPX, a well organized group of Briggs LO206 racers wanted to help the local karter while promoting their next event at the Sonoma Kart track.

KPX donated an entry for the upcoming race and it was left to determine how the entry would be awarded to a Blue Max member.KPX-Kart-Project-X-Logo

David Bixler wanted the entry to go to the hardest charger out of the 4 Briggs LO206 classes. Tim Brunyansky was awarded the initial entry for his drive in the Masters LO206 class. After contacting Tim, he said to give it to the Kemp Racing crew, because they are always there to help him.

Tim Brunyansky - Briggs 206 Masters - Blue Max Kart Club - Tony Kart

Tim Brunyansky – Briggs 206 Masters – Blue Max Kart Club – Tony Kart

Andrew Kemp - Briggs 206 SR - Blue Max Kart Club - Karting Concepts - Intrepid

Andrew Kemp – Briggs 206 SR – Blue Max Kart Club – Karting Concepts – Intrepid

This is just another reminder of the grassroots racers and their love for a sport at a club level. KPX donated an entry that was then redistributed to a group of racers that is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Thank you Tim, KPX, and Blue Max

Driver Photo Credits – Robb Foulk

BlueMax Dash for Cash and Prizes


Two races left in the Blue Max Club championship series in Davis, CA. For the last two races, individuals and businesses have come together to promote karting at the club level.

This last push of the year is to bring some racers back to the track. The purpose is to close out the year with strong numbers and to kick of the 2018 season with a strong club series.

The next race is August 27, register now –

The entry list has more than doubled in the past 72 hours.

The following race is September 17, 2017. Registration will open after this weekends club race.

Our current sponsors for the Blue Max Club series Dash for Cash and Prizes include:

  • Acceleration Karting – Arai SK6 Helmet
  • Speedline Designs – Custom Paint Job
  • Unleashed Power – Briggs LO206 Rebuild
  • Cambrian Go Karts – 1 Set Evinco Blue Tires and RLV Chain Gift Set
  • Piston Bones Number Panel Graphic Kits x3
  • Race Karts Inc. – Head Sock and Gloves
  • Valverde Racing Services – Driver Coaching and Chassis Set up x2
  • SpeedSense Motorsports – Driver Coaching and Chassis Set up
  • Odenthal Billet Briggs Engine Mount
  • RLV Gift Certificates
  • Fastech Racing Gift Certificates
  • BlueMax Kart Club Race Entries x2
  • KPX Sonoma Race Entry
  • KartSpeed Motorsports – Gift Certificates x2
  • Elegant Thread and Carpet Care – Cash Contribution
  • Kemp Racing – Cash Contribution
  • Wesley Boswell Racing – Driver Coaching and Chassis Set Up (Wes was the Race #1 Cash Winner)

These sponsors and prizes are in addition to the 4 Briggs Engines that Karting Concepts has offered up at the beginning of the race series for those who competed in all the events.

Blue Max is rolling.  David Bixler and Jason Berry are still looking for sponsors to support the grassroots racer.  If you have ideas or suggestions, reach out to one of them or contact us through our page.

Come out and check it out.

Humpday with Harrell Talks with Jason Berry about BlueMax Kart Club

The guys over at BlogTalkRadio’s Humpday with Harrell reached out to Norcal Karters to discuss the last two club races hosted by Blue Max Kart Club. Jason Berry takes the time to thank the sponsors for the Dash for Cash and Prizes as well as laying out the details of the events.

The Dash for Cash and Prizes races take place on August 27 and September 17.

BlueMax Race Entry Info –