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We will update as soon as all race tracks and promoters provide us with a current calendar. Tracks and promoters are responsible for supplying Norcal Karters with CURRENT event information

If you would like to support the Norcal Karters Project, please contact us for details.  The more support by donations that we receive, the less intrusive future advertising will be on this site.


Track and Promoter schedules posted include:

Norcal Karters Special Events 2021 (Swap Meets, Banquets, Clinics, ETC.)

Listings in BOLD ITALICS are current NorcalKarter Sponsors

Tracks and Series

Shops and Teams (sponsors of Norcal Karters)

If your track or association is missing from our calendar, please contact us so we can add you. All tracks receive a free listing.  We also offer enhanced listings that will direct racers right to your webpage or online site of your choice.

Keep in mind, the more information you provide, the more helpful this calendar will be to others. If you are unable to create, Norcal Karters will offer the service for a fee.


Individual Tracks

Blue Max Kart Club – Davis, CA
Kinsmen Kart Club – Dixon, CA
Little 99 Kart Track – Stockton, CA
Monterey Bay Karters – Marina, CA
Northern Nevada Kart Club – Reno, NV
Prairie City Kart Club – Rancho Cordova, CA
Rok Sonoma – Sonoma, CA
Shasta Kart Klub – Redding, CA
Simraceway Performance Karting Center – Sonoma, CA

Regional Events
Gold Rush Series – Northern California Regional Events
Go Racing 4 a Cure – Blue Max Kart Club
KPX Championship LO206 – California Regional Events –
Linda Emmick Memorial Race – Prairie City SVRA
NCK Road Racing Group
NorCal Shifter Karts Group – Northern California Regional Events
Rok Challenge of the Americas – California and Arizona
RLV Pan Am Crown – Santa Maria, CA
SKUSA California ProKart Challenge – California Regional Events 

Below is a list of our Founding sponsors that helped get this page off the ground

We Support Karters
Word Racing
PO BOX 1775
Fairview, OR  97024
We Support Karters
7001 Central Ave. Suite 1
Saint Petersburg, FL  33710
We Support Karters
Karting Concepts
Davis, CA  
*Trackside Support for Blue Max Kart Club
We Support Karters
Fastech Racing
212 Cypress Ave.
Marina, CA 93933
Orders: 1.888.333.4181
Tech & Orders: 831.384.5278 (KART)
Monday-Friday, 9-5pm

Karting Calendars to display
Norcal Karters Main Calender
Bakersfield Kart Club
Blue Max Kart Club
COTA – Challenge of the Americas
California Rok Championship – Challenge Karting
Formula Kart Championship
GFC Karting
Gold Rush Club Challenge
Limited 125cc Shifters of NorCal
Little Stockton 99
NCK Road Racing
Norcal 80cc Shifter Championship
Northern Nevada Kart Club
Prairie City Karting
ProKart Challenge – Californa
Rok Sonoma Presented by Sanzaru Games
SKUSA SuperKarts USA
Shasta Kart Klub
Vortex Rok Cup USA
Holidays in United States

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