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This Weeks New Updates on Norcal Karters

This week we have a few good updates on Norcal Karters, our podcast, and our YouTube Page.

The Norcal Karters Calender,, has been updated. At this time, I am only showing sponsored (paid for) clubs or promoters, and National Level events. At the beginning of the year, I listed all clubs and promoters that had an event in Northern California, It is very time consuming. Due to the COVID impact on karting and our race schedules, I made the decision to reach out to our sponsors to make sure they were up to date. I have not reached out to non-supporters of the NorcalKarters website.

If your series has a fixed schedule for the remainder of 2020, please contact me so we can put you back on our calendar. I had to make this decision because the calendar had too many “ghost” events and I need the calendar to be accurate for our racers.

Also this week, I did another podcast with upcoming events –

I added a few videos to our YouTube page. 1 is a blatant sells attempt for a cheap solvent tank option that is portable and efficient. Any funds raised from the sale of the baskets or the kit go directly back to

The second video is my long winded explanation of how to properly use Safety Wire Pliers and the proper way to use the safety wire.

For the next few weeks, I plan on doing another weekly update on our podcast Monday July 27. I’m also working on a few guests for next week and you will want to bookmark my new podcast show –

For now, this is all. Have a great week.

Nick Galante - IMSA Champion

Norcal Karters Weekly Update and Interview with Nick Galante

Last night I had a conversation with Nick Galante to discuss his Project 19 –

Nick is a perfect example of determination and tenacity. He started his chase of the racing dream at and “older” age. He is also a caddy at the famed Pebble Beach Golf Course and has been affected (like many of us motorsports businesses) by the current Covid situation with lack of work at both golfing circuits and racing circuits.

However, this is not a poor Nick segment. It is actually the opposite. Give it a listen.

Article on Nick Galante’s Cross Country Trip to raise awareness for Alzheimers

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We also highlighted upcoming events in the Norcal karting region.

If you wonder why some events have links and added value in my podcasts, it is because these clubs or promoters pay a small advertising fee for the added exposure. I do try to put all races on our norcal karters race calendar for free. The clubs with the added information, again, have paid for that service.

With the Covid wreaking havoc on our race schedules, I did prioritize sponsors to make sure their events were accurate on our calendar. If we are missing your events, please contact us.

Norcal Karters Updates 5/27/2020

Tracks are slowly opening and the teams and drivers are starting to look forward to the next race in Norcal. In the meantime, we have news that a few series and tracks are having events, just a little outside of Northern California

Norcal Karters supporting series,, kicks off their California Rok Championship…………………in Phoenix, AZ. The decision was made to move the opening round to the Phoenix Kart Racing Association facility to minimize questions, shutdowns, delays, or overly oppressed government controls (my words, not Andy’s). You can pre-register for the event at

Andy Seesemann joined us on our podcast, you can listen here –

I have also updated our calendar to show the new date for the above Rok Cup event.

SKUSA California ProKart Challenge is also combining rounds 2 and 3 and visiting the Willow Springs Facility.

We also had some other great podcast guests over the past month. Gary Carlton,, joined us for 4 straight weeks to talk about his karting history from his Junior days all the way to the present. I really enjoyed this series.

The Early Years – Emmick, Kosmic / JM of Norcal, SwedeTech, Region 11 IKF –

The Trackmagic Era –

The European Adventure from PCH Motorsports to Deportation –

A recap of the Mini Series with GFC, and the NOW!

In between the Gary Carlton Mini Podcast Series, we had Derek Jones,, owner of Power Republic. Derek is also a content maker on YouTube with hundreds of karting How To Videos. He will definitely be back on our show because I had a great conversation with him. He brings great value to karting, even from Down Under.

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