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Podcast – Week February 24, 2020 – Upcoming Events is our current sponsor – Mini Monster is their newest chassis that has been updated and upgraded for the new homologation period

Ask for clubs and teams to provide information or schedule

Recent Past Events –

  • COTA ROK – CalSpeed – February 21-23 – Enhanced Series
  • BlueMax Kart Club
    • Stepping up social media presence
    • Good turn out in both the SR and Masters 206 Classes

Upcoming Events – 4 – 6 weeks out except special events

  • Quick mention of all events
  • Sponsored event receive added details and notes, plus mention Norcal Karters Calendar
  • MARCH 3 – Super Tuesday – VOTE
  • Kinsmen Kart Club – February March 1
  • SKUSA ProKart Challenge February 29 – March 1
  • NNKC Meeting – March 3 – 
  • March 8 Daylight Savings
  • Monday March 9, Thunderhill – Enhanced club – PreRegistration ends on March 2
  • March 13-15 – SKUSA ProTour – WinterNationals
  • March 14-15 – CCKRA
  • March 14-15 – Norcal 80cc Shifter at Prairie City
  • March 14-15 – Prairie City
  • March 15 – Stockton Little 99 – Wayne Bundy Memorial Race
  • Quick Run Down of Clubs on Calendar at

Clubs and series are signing up for enhanced schedule listing

Check out the webpages for our current sponsors and the promoters who support our Norcal Karters Project. for a full list of upcoming karting events.

Norcal Karter Recent Site Updates

First off, thank you for your support and feedback for the website. If Norcal Karters becomes stale, please let us know.

We have some good news to share regarding our calendar and a few enhanced listings. – The West Coast Rok Cup USA Winter series was the first organizer to sign up for enhanced listings for our calendar.

So, who cares?

What does this mean?

It means, you can easily navigate from the directly to race event information for CotA / Challenge Karting. This is important because an underlying goal of Norcal Karters is to make events more accessible and help bring karting out of the dark age of technology and communication. has been the second organization to see value in the enhanced listings. If you haven’t done so, go check out there site. It is well organized and they did a great job of including registration information directly into their events calendar.

And the, club has signed up to be the third enhanced listing from our calendar. We are currently working on bringing their schedules and events live to the calendar with enhanced listings.

Also on the calendar, you can sort by your favorite club or series.

Another new feature that is new on is the tracks page with an added pin drop map of all local kart tracks. . We know we need to work on updating some of the clubs and information, but we are chiseling away at it.

And to wrap up this update, we have seen incredible growth of the podcast series that we started last year. I enjoy doing the weekly updates as well as having special guests on. It has been a huge learning experience and I’m really enjoy this aspect of NorcalKarters. You can check out the latest episode on our podcast page –

Again, Thank you for the support

Upcoming Kart Events – Week of December 9, 2019

Current Sponsor is Rok Cup USA Sponsor for our weekly upcoming events podcasts.

Rok Cup USA Logo

Vintage Karting Days – December 13-14 –

Added to the – NCK Road Racing Events

retyre Used Kart Racing Tires

Updated inventory for the reTyre program now includes Evinco Reds, Evinco Blues, and Bridgestone YLR tires.