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Weekly Update

This is a weekly karting update for the Northern California karting scene.

From an expansion standpoint, Norcal Karters has dipped its toe into the podcasting scene. We added a podcast page to our site and we are hosted by Spreaker.  Our page on Spreaker is  Give the show a listen and give us your feedback.  You can’t hurt my feelings, I’m doing this stuff for the karter.  So I want to bring you value.

Our first episode included a guest from fame, James McMahon.  If you haven’t checked out his karting community project, go do it after you read this post.  James helped by cut my teeth and assisted with working out some sound details.  I met him through social media and what he has been doing for the grassroots kart racer.

This past weekend, SKUSA’s California ProKart Challenge had a double header event at the CalSpeed Karting Facility in Fontana.

This weekend is fathers day.  If you don’t have a gift idea or anything planned, grab your dad, your kid, or a father figure in your life and head out to BlueMax Kart club for the 80cc Norcal gathering on Saturday.  The official event page is found on Facebook by clicking this link –  It was started off as an 80cc Shifter Day (open practice), which also turned into a TrackMagic Owners Group get together.  They also have a Facebook group page –  We will be out there looking for interesting people to podcast with.

Also this weekend is a club race at Prairie City ORVP on  Saturday the 15th.  More information can be found on their website –

This weekend is also the Sanzaru Rok Cup Championship race at Sonoma.  This event is not yet on our Norcal Calendar, but we have reached out to the club to update their calendar.  More information on their series can be found here –

Looking forward over the next few weeks we have a California Rok Cup event, KPX event, and a NCK Road Racing event.  Dates can be found on our calendar –

2019 Karting Calendar Updated

Below is a list of the recent karting clubs and racing associations listed on our calendar page.  We are always working on keeping the calendar updated for the karter.  If you club is missing or you seen an error, please contact us right away so we can get this resolved.

Most of this information is found by scouring the various club sites or social pages.

If you are a business owner, track, or racing association and you would like to have your karting business or location highlighted, contact us for details.

Norcal Karters Public Calendar
Blue Max Kart Club
Challenge Karting – Cota – California Rok Championship
COTA – Challenge of the Americas
Formula Kart Championship
Gold Rush Club Challenge
Marina (Monterey Bay Karters)
NCK Road Racing
Prairie City
Rok Sonoma
Sanzaru Karting – Sonoma Raceway
Shasta Kart Klub
Stockton Kart Club
SuperKarts USA
Holidays in United States

Andrew Kemp Receives KPX Sonoma Entry

BlueMaxKartClub-logo The dynamics of karting at a club level are unique when compared to other higher competitive levels. This past weekend, Blue Max Kart Club had their first of two races for Cash and Prizes to wrap up the 2017 season.

One of the club supporters, KPX, a well organized group of Briggs LO206 racers wanted to help the local karter while promoting their next event at the Sonoma Kart track.

KPX donated an entry for the upcoming race and it was left to determine how the entry would be awarded to a Blue Max member.KPX-Kart-Project-X-Logo

David Bixler wanted the entry to go to the hardest charger out of the 4 Briggs LO206 classes. Tim Brunyansky was awarded the initial entry for his drive in the Masters LO206 class. After contacting Tim, he said to give it to the Kemp Racing crew, because they are always there to help him.

Tim Brunyansky - Briggs 206 Masters - Blue Max Kart Club - Tony Kart

Tim Brunyansky – Briggs 206 Masters – Blue Max Kart Club – Tony Kart

Andrew Kemp - Briggs 206 SR - Blue Max Kart Club - Karting Concepts - Intrepid

Andrew Kemp – Briggs 206 SR – Blue Max Kart Club – Karting Concepts – Intrepid

This is just another reminder of the grassroots racers and their love for a sport at a club level. KPX donated an entry that was then redistributed to a group of racers that is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Thank you Tim, KPX, and Blue Max

Driver Photo Credits – Robb Foulk