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New How To Karting Video on YouTube from Norcal Karters

I’ve been working on adding more How To and Do It Yourself Karting videos to my YouTube Channel –

The last video featured was a How To Use a Karting Specific Chain Breaker

If you find the content helpful or valuable, consider a donation –

Power Republic Joins NorCal Karters on Podcast

Who is Power Republic?

Derek Jones from the Gold Coast in Australia. His company has thousands of followers on YouTube and other social media platforms. He offers many karting how-to videos.

Why Did Derek Come On The Norcalkarters podcast?

He doesn’t know I only have 3 listeners. Me, my mom, and you.

Why you should listen?

Do you want to go faster in your kart or just listen to a sexy foreign accent? That’s why.

Click on the above link and give it a listen!

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Upcoming Kart Events in Norcal – Week of July 15, 2019

On this weeks podcast, we bring you Upcoming Kart Events in Northern California and surrounding racing metros. This includes

I also highlight some new items on the which includes t-shirts to help offset the cost of this website (did you notice no banner ads) and retyre, bringing good tires to local karters at a cheap price.

retyre kart tires
reTyre karting tires

In our previous posts, we re-capped and highlighted the recent past karting events which included the NCK Road Racers event at Thunderhill, the Gold Rush Series at BlueMax, and the KPX Event at Prairie City. Go give them a read if you missed it.

If you ever have questions on how to get into karting, send us a message. Or goal is the Grow Karting Together, and you can easily help!