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New How To Karting Video on YouTube from Norcal Karters

I’ve been working on adding more How To and Do It Yourself Karting videos to my YouTube Channel –

The last video featured was a How To Use a Karting Specific Chain Breaker

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Norcal Karters Updates 5/27/2020

Tracks are slowly opening and the teams and drivers are starting to look forward to the next race in Norcal. In the meantime, we have news that a few series and tracks are having events, just a little outside of Northern California

Norcal Karters supporting series,, kicks off their California Rok Championship…………………in Phoenix, AZ. The decision was made to move the opening round to the Phoenix Kart Racing Association facility to minimize questions, shutdowns, delays, or overly oppressed government controls (my words, not Andy’s). You can pre-register for the event at

Andy Seesemann joined us on our podcast, you can listen here –

I have also updated our calendar to show the new date for the above Rok Cup event.

SKUSA California ProKart Challenge is also combining rounds 2 and 3 and visiting the Willow Springs Facility.

We also had some other great podcast guests over the past month. Gary Carlton,, joined us for 4 straight weeks to talk about his karting history from his Junior days all the way to the present. I really enjoyed this series.

The Early Years – Emmick, Kosmic / JM of Norcal, SwedeTech, Region 11 IKF –

The Trackmagic Era –

The European Adventure from PCH Motorsports to Deportation –

A recap of the Mini Series with GFC, and the NOW!

In between the Gary Carlton Mini Podcast Series, we had Derek Jones,, owner of Power Republic. Derek is also a content maker on YouTube with hundreds of karting How To Videos. He will definitely be back on our show because I had a great conversation with him. He brings great value to karting, even from Down Under.

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KPX Championship at Prairie City Recap June 23, 2019

The regional racing series known as KPX Championship,, made a return visit to the popular Prairie City track in Rancho Cordova OHV Park. Leading into the event, the promoters, Chris Rossi and Kenny Manchester, were excited due to a high level of pre-registrations. For 2019, the KPX Championship offers racing events for both the Briggs and Stratton LO206 and the IAME KA100 engine packages.

We visited with Kenny on our Podcast leading up to the event.

Along with the KPX crew, we had a joint sponsor for the race weekend to bring coverage. Leading Edge Motorsorts, in Lodi,, helped share the sponsorship costs with KPX. We tried different approaches all day long to see what would have good traction and engagement. Not being able to bring quality on track race coverage of the event, we took a behind the scenes approach. I will link the videos and photos below so you can view them.

The common focus and goal from KPX and Leading Edge was to reach a different crowd. We all understand as racers, how to find event and results, but how do we reach new potential racers. This will be the core focus of Norcal Karters. Branching out to reach new karters.

Photo Gallery from KPX Prairie City Round 4

KPX Live from Prairie City brought to you by www.leadingedgemotorsports.comI will be doing a series of live videos, podcasts, and other interactions from KPX.www.kpxRacing.comwww.leadingedgemotorsports.com

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
KPX Prairie City event brought to you by Leading Edge Motorsports

KPX Qualifying is under way

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
KPX Prairite City Qualifying – Heading through the pits

Prairie City Grid A and B for KPX Qualifying

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
Hot Grids A and B at Prairie City Kart Club during the KPX Championship event

KPX, in the pits at Prairie City

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
KPX Prairie City – Pit Walk Through – Quick Chat with Phil Hand, the Flagman

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
Racing Action from KPX Prairie City

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
Briggs Jr 1 with a cameo by Seth Huntly (one of my favorite track personalities.)

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
Trying to catch up with SpeedSense’s Austin Elliot – Video kept dropping connection

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
KPX Prairie City – End of the Day – Empty out the pits
SpeedSense and a few corners workers wrapping up our great day.

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
KPX Prairie City Main Event IAME KA100 Jr – Stephen Eisert was the class winner on his Leading Edge Praga Chassis

KPX PreTech Form

Posted by Norcal Karters on Sunday, June 23, 2019
KPX Pre Tech Form using a Leading Edge Prepped Praga chassis equipped with a Briggs 206

I would like to thank KPX and Leading Edge for the opportunity to bring karting to the public from a different perspective. After watching these videos multiple times, I have a few good ideas to refine the content and targeting of unexpected high engagement.

I encourage your feedback, your shares, your involvement. All of this content is for the racers. I don’t even like my own voice or delivery, but I’m willing to work on my skills to bring the karting content to the general population. Maybe one day I can be the Huell Howser of Karting, that would be California Gold!