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Cheap Solvent Tank Parts Washer Option

Yes, this is an attempt for you to either use my links to my eBay store or sell you a cheap solvent tank parts washer solution. However, all profits go back into Norcal Karters to support this site.

So, with that out of the way, earlier today I posted a video of my cheap solvent tank hack using a stainless steel basket and a 5 gallon bucket. Even in the video, I said I ended up with a bunch of steamer baskets with no home.

So after putting my solvent tank to use for the first real time cleaning Walbro WB3a carburetors for use on the Yamaha KT100, Iame HPV, Iame KPV, and many other engine applications, I was so happy with the results I decided to document it in this karting article.

Now, I knew the cheap solvent wash bucket idea would work, just not this well. If you are a small team effort, just you, or a high paid kart tuner, I think you will appreciate the simplicity of this parts cleaning solution. The only thing I don’t tell you in this article is what my cleaning solution is because I don’t want to be responsible for any possible discoloration or reactions that may occur while using any detergent or petroleum based cleaners.

As I mentioned in the above video, I am using two buckets and baskets to keep 1 real dirty cleaner and 1 fairly clean solvent. As the cleaner in the clean bucket becomes discolored, I will turn that into my filthy bucket and the filthy bucket will be properly disposed off based on local codes.

As you can see in the photos of the Walbro WB3a carburetors that I cleaned, this hack does a good job. You can imagine how bad the carburetors looked before I started and how the needles turn black from tuning. I was able to tear down and clean all 10 carburetors in about 30 minutes with this set up.

The basket (you can order below) made soaking and pick up very clean and easy. I only filled the bucket with enough cleaning solution to fill half way up the stainless steel basket. While wearing gloves, I grabbed a carb and used a light scrub brush to remove heavy grime and tech paint. Rinsed in the dirty bucket again and grabbed another carb. Some carbs I had to use a small screw driver to lightly scrape some old tech paint, but it was a very fast and efficient process.

My total parts list included

If you are local to the Sacramento area, you can purchase the basket, mat, and bucket directly from me and I will deliver next time at a local track. If you are not local, use the ebay link above and I can easily ship the basket to you.

I also accept donations if you’re not interested in a purchase, but you still want to help out with the Norcal Karters project.


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