Norcal Gold Rush Club Challenge

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2019 GoldRush..
Race schedule
1.April 6th-7th -Kinsmen Kart Club
2. May 4th-5th Bluemax Kart Club
3. June 1st – Little Stockton99 ( night race)
4.July 13th-14th Bluemax Kart Club
5. Aug 31-Sept1 – Kinsmen Kart Club
6. Sept 21st-22nd – Little Stockton 99

~Gold Rush Club Challenge 2018~
Round #1 – April 22nd – Kinsmen (Dixon)
Round #2 – May 20th – Blue Max (Davis)
Round #3 – June 2nd – Little 99 (Stockton)
Round #4 – July 1st – Blue Max (Davis)
Round #5 – Aug. 12th – Kinsmen (Dixon)
Round #6 – Sept. 22nd – Little 99 (Stockton)

Gold Rush Club Challenge is a mini series ran in conjunction with local Northern California kart tracks and their club events.

The Gold Rush Club Challenge charges $10.00 extra dollars for the event. The extra money is placed into a collective pot for each eligible class. At the end of the series or challenge, the money is divided into each class based solely on participation.

After the mini series is over, the cash is paid out.

Gold Rush