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What is reTyre?


Simple, we re-purpose racing kart tires to enjoy another racing life on a new karting vehicle. Ok, cut the BS, we sell used karting tires. These tires are sourced from high level professional karting teams.

Each Tire (or reTyre) is carefully chosen after thorough inspections for excessive wear, damage, or visual defect. Tires are chosen for re-purposing if they only have low track time on them. The tires are then matched in sets, 2 fronts and 2 rear tires, wrapped in plastic, and placed into a cardboard box so they are ship ready.

All tires will ship within 1 business day of cleared payments.

The tires that don’t make the cut into our ready ship boxes are sent to our tire recycling partner who is committed to keeping tires out or our landfills and natural environment.

In combination with and reTyre, Norcal Karters has partnered with reTyre to bring high quality racing tires to the local racer at a discounted price. In some cases, over 50% savings by using a reTyre product. The Norcal Karter mission statement is to make karting accessible, and our target market is the Northern California, and surrounding metro areas. One of the largest expenses of kart racing, and many other form of motorsports, are tires.

reTyre is a perfect fit for local, club, and sportsman kart racers. Save money on tires so you can spend the extra cash on more track time.

Below is our current inventory of reTyre Make and Model kart tires. If your desired tire is not available yet, please contact us with the below form so we can place you on our waiting list. The form will not charge you anything. Under “Customer Notes to Add to Order”, write in the type of tires you want us to carry.

Evinco Reds full set 4.6 Front / 7.1 Rears

Evinco Blue Full set 4.6 / 7.1

Evinco Blue Full Set 4.6 / 4.6

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