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Week of Sept 8, 2020 Norcal Karters Updates

I just realized I haven’t had a post on this front page in a month, but A LOT has been going on in Norcal Karters and our karting region.

I started adding more How To Videos to our YouTube Page – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMqcyNxHL7Zs03w0poPD3tg

Videos include:
How to Mount and Dismount a kart tire
How to Assemble RLV Bead Breaker TRZ0028
Anatomy of the Walbro WB3A Carburetor

I have been kicking out the weekly podcast for event updates. This is my weekly kart event podcast that I usually publish on Mondays.
I have also started a new podcast show that is specifically geared up as a promotion or PR Style Podcast. Up front, I’m very clear it is a paid for podcast for kart teams, shops, businesses, and other kart industry members.
If you are a karting business and would like a different type of media exposure and to capitalize on the popularity of the podcast format, please contact me. I’m always looking for show or website sponsors as well.

Speaking of site sponsors, Welcome Gary Carlton, http://gfckarting.com/, as our latest calendar sponsor, http://www.norcalkarters.com/calendar/. I have added the feature to our calendar to track sponsors that own shops or teams and wanted to have visibility on our race calendar.

I have also added a couple of new products to my affiliate ebay store to help raise additional funds for Norcal Karters.
I have added:
Norcal Karters Ring Spun T-Shirts
Norcal Karter Tire Roll Out Tape
Kart Tire Tools
For items branded Norcal Karters, all profits go back to the Norcal Karters Project. The goal is to raise more funds for 2021 to offer additional karting event coverage and special gatherings such as Swap Meets and BBQ’s to have a karting outreach program.

I also accept straight donations via PayPal. Every dollar really does help. Over the past couple of years, shirt sales and donations have allowed the website to add the Podcast shows, upgrade computers, purchase mics, headsets, podcast hosting subscriptions, and domain renewals.

I don’t spend the money lightly or without cause. I do appreciate all support the karting community has offered.

Until my next post, Have a Great Day!

Swedetech Shifter Top End Seminar

Swedetech Honda CR125 Lower End

Swedetech Honda CR125 Lower End

Join us for Shifter Top End Maintenance Seminar by SwedeTech Racing Engines

Swedetech is inviting you to their Wilton, CA based shop to show you how to do your own Shifter Top End Maintenance.  They want you to bring your engine to their shop to get your hands dirty.

The seminar will include time intervals for replacement, what to look for while cleaning and tearing down, how to remove the piston, how to install the new piston, inspecting the internal top end parts, and much more.

Get ready to take the engine off the chassis.

When you register, we need to know which shifter Make, Model, and Year you will be bringing with you.  You will need to bring your own tools.

We can supply the needed parts if you pre-order before the seminar.

Shop open at 9 AM

Coffee and Donuts – 9:30 am – 9:50 am

Hands start getting dirty at 10:00 AM, Clean Up at 1:00 PM,  Heading home by 2:00 PM