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Upcoming Kart Events in Norcal – Week of July 15, 2019

On this weeks podcast, we bring you Upcoming Kart Events in Northern California and surrounding racing metros. This includes

I also highlight some new items on the NorcalKarters.com/Store which includes t-shirts to help offset the cost of this website (did you notice no banner ads) and retyre, bringing good tires to local karters at a cheap price.

retyre kart tires
reTyre karting tires

In our previous posts, we re-capped and highlighted the recent past karting events which included the NCK Road Racers event at Thunderhill, the Gold Rush Series at BlueMax, and the KPX Event at Prairie City. Go give them a read if you missed it.

If you ever have questions on how to get into karting, send us a message. Or goal is the Grow Karting Together, and you can easily help!

TBKart USA S55 with SwedeTech Stock Honda CR125

NCK Road Racing Re-Cap from Event June 29, 2019

This is mainly a video collection from the NCK Road Racing event held on June 29, 2019 on the Thunderhill West Track. Some of our Norcal Karters published video was ok, but the drivers did a great job capturing the moments.

Whoa, that was a blast!!!!!

Posted by Norcal Karters on Saturday, June 29, 2019
Thunderhill June 29th, in the pits with Erik Maxfield, Joseph Hollinger, and Vince Puleo.

NCK Thunderhill Raceway

Posted by Norcal Karters on Saturday, June 29, 2019
Thunderhill June 29th, in the pits after my first session on the Thunderhill West track with NCK Road Racers

Posted by Norcal Karters on Saturday, June 29, 2019
On my way home from Thunderhill West in Willows, CA. Just rambling and ranting. No racing in this video

Joe Hollinger has some of the best video of road racing that I could find. He has spent hours finding a good combination of cameras, mounting, and balance of sound. Check it out.

NCK THunderhill West 06-29-2019 Race 3 with Joe Hollinger
On board with the real Legend, Vince Puleo. This old man whooped my ass and everyone else that was here.
Erik Maxfield is one of the guys that has been trying to get my butt out to the road race events for years. Him and I go way back, so maybe after all these years, he’ll leave me alone.
Road racers don’t like to be touchy feely, unless you’re a Hegar, then bumping them in the backside is welcomed.

I want to thank SwedeTech Racing Engines for the 1999 Honda CR125 Stock Moto package that was built beyond the ability of the driver. I’d also like to thank my chassis provider, TBKart USA, for the Kawasaki Green S55 shifter chassis that is dialed out of the trailer. Add gas, set tire pressures, grow bigger balls, and go! I’ll work on my Nascar style sponsor delivery.

NCK Road Racing did a bang up job at hosting and managing the race event. Looking forward to the next one. I think my next personal calendar race will be in August down in Fresno for the CCKA event. To Briggs or Not to Briggs, that is the question!

Another Podcast is Up – KPX, New Sponsor, NCK, BYOK

LeadingEdgeNC_logoTodays recent podcast was brought to you by Leading Edge Motorsport, www.leadingedgemotorsports.com.  In addition to the podcast, Greg Bell and Leading Edge are sponsoring the Sunday coverage of the KPX event at Prairie City.  KPX already has record pre entries, so they are excited to see the pits fill up this weekend.  Norcal Karters will take a different approach to the track reports this weekend.  Per the request of KPX, we will be working the pits and the behind the scene views of a KPX Event.

Also in our podcast with www.KartPulse.com owner, James McMahon we discuss the BYOK.  If you don’t know what that means, take a listen below.  I didn’t.

Also, we discussed NCK Road Racing’s Intro to Road Race event next weekend on June 29th at the famed Thunderhill Raceway.  If you ever wanted to try road racing, now is the time to do it.