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Podcast updates on Norcal Karters

For the last two weeks, we have had Gary Carlton, Norcal Karter Alumni, Team Boss of www.GFCKarting.com. Episode 1 – https://www.spreaker.com/user/norcalkarters/gary-carlton-gfckarting-mini-series-epis , we covered his early years of karting with his dad, George, and how he worked at various Norcal Kart Shops such as Emmick, JM Norcal (Kosmic), and SwedeTech Racing Engines (www.swedetechracing.com)

This week, we discussed his Trackmagic era and gave a bunch of verbal fluffing to the OG TrackMagic Group, https://www.spreaker.com/user/norcalkarters/gary-carlton-the-trackmagic-era-then-and . Next week will be the third episode and we will dive into his European Career and adventures.

So join us as we walk down memory lane. If I was to look into the future, we should be wrapping up our series as the race tracks start to open up during the final phase of the COVID Shelter in Place.

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Trackmagic Reunion BBQ and Track Day

Trackmagic Racing Karts Owner Group

When: September 28-29, 2019

Where: BlueMax Kart Club in Davis, CA. https://www.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=Blue+Max+Kart+Club,+24998+Co+Rd+102,+Davis,+CA+95618,+USA

The 2019 Fall Trackmagic BBQ and track day is happening. This is not only a gathering for Trackmagic owners, but all those interested in karts, specifically shifter karts, and more specifically those manufactured by TrackMagic.

This will be a BBQ, Shine and Show, Reunion, Potluck, trackday, and just a great gathering of friends new and old. This is a great way to bring someone new into the karting family.

The cost to enter is FREE! If you will be driving on the racing surface, the normal track practice fees will apply.

You can check out the facebook group page for the Trackmagic Owners Group for current details – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1816255888667285/

For practice info and track hours, you can visit the BMKC page – https://bluemaxkartclub.wildapricot.org/Contact

Confirmed Trackmagic Alumni include (not particular order):

  • Gary Carlton –
  • Landon Yee
  • Oliver Rowen
  • Jason LaPoint and family
  • Big Rich – Gorilla BBQ –Yelp Listing
  • Kyle Martin
  • George Barros

Check out the above podcast for my interview with Bob Iriks, the organizer of this event.

BBQ Event at BlueMax Kart Club featuring the TrackMagic Owners Group and the Norcal Shifter Karters

Today’s track day and write up is brought to you by TB Kart USA.

Today I spent time at the BlueMax Kart club in Davis, CA. A few key people organized a great non-racing event filled with good memories, great food, and a lot of laps followed by smiles. For me, I wasn’t apart of the organizing or set up and I was planning on breaking my package in. I wasn’t able to prep properly and have my TB Kart and Honda CR125 ready, but I went out anyway to enjoy the community.

I’m so glad I made it out there. For those that know me, I love food. “Big Rich” Bacchi of Trackmagic lore was on hand with a TrackMagic crew. He brought to the party a platter of beef brisket and pork ribs and a delicious sauce to top it off. I was a bit disappointed that we did not discover this guys talent for cooking during the SKUSA ProTour prime era of the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, OR the TrackMagic team tent kept this guys mad food skills under wrap. Either way, I tried Rich’s BBQ for the first time today and I went back looking for more ribs, but they were gone. If you are curious about his culinary skills, go visit his shop in Pacifica, Gorilla BBQ – Pacifica.

I haven’t seen Rich in a long time, so it was great catching up. A couple of other guys that I haven’t seen in awhile were Damon Meek, factory driver from the CTS shifter efforts, and George Barros from the dominant TrackMagic era.

I was able to corner both of them in between their track sessions to do a quick interview. You can listen on our page by clicking podcast on the page menu or click each link below.

Damon talked to me about 80cc and Norcal, his favorite Norcal Kart Track, and shared a driving tip. Full Damon Meek interview can be listened to right now.

George Barros is someone I’ve known about before karting. He was my driving instructor at the Jim Russell Driving School in 1994 at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey. What kind of driving instructor makes you lose your lunch in the famed corkscrew or e-brakes a rotating slide entering turn 11 (in a POS Passenger VAN!!) George shared a few fond memories, a couple of thoughts on karts vs cars, and his favorite Norcal Karting tracks. Full George Barros interview can be listened to right now.

I tried to drag Jon Ban into an interview, but he said he didn’t want to be on live video stream. I said, “No problem, its all audio”. I was denied a second time around.

Why did I want to interview Jon Ban?

Simple, over the past few years he has been a very integral part of promoting local Norcal Karting, and more specifically the shifter segments. He shares events, coordinates with other drivers, and helps bring the shifter community together. He focuses on the 80cc platforms, which are still everywhere in Northern California, just not at our tracks. One day, he might warm up to the idea of being the face of Norcal Shifter Karts.

Today, I posted a few live audio and video broadcasts on facebook. For easy access I have linked them all here.

After seeing the atmosphere and good times today at the track, there will be a renewed effort by myself, Norcal Karters, to help promote and organize more events like this. In all honesty, I don’t know if this will help grow race participation, but I’m 100% convinced, these events will help grow our great sport. Many people I spoke to had various reasons for no longer racing, some personal, some financial, many time commitments to the actual process of racing, but do we need more people racing right now?

I don’t think so, but we need more butts in the seat on any given day. None of these drivers raced today, but they all had smiles on their faces. They all said it was a fun event.

Isn’t that what we need in our sport?