Turn 2 Racing Simulations Grand Opening in Davis, Ca.

Turn2Racing in Davis, Ca. Racing simulations

Last night I attended the Grand Opening of Turn 2 Racing in Davis, Ca off Highway 113 and Russell Rd in the Trader Joe’s, University Mall, and Forever 21 Shopping center. www.Turn2Racing.com is located inside the mall, directly across from Ramen Hook.

Currently they have 4 racing simulators set up with multiple accessories and controls to offer a variation of experiences, even though they utilize the same background program on all machines, the different physics offer a different fell.

All machines have synchronized vibration packs the shake the seat and all units have a direct motor with force feedback on the steering wheel. 1 machine has an additional traction loss element that allows the full seat and unit to simulate the feeling of oversteer. The fourth machine has 2 Degrees of Freedom (2 DoF) meaning it simulates braking, acceleration and lateral forces.

The owner has down a nice job to offer a range of experiences. 1 of the machines is specifically set up for the younger junior drivers (kids) that allow them to experience a real racing simulation, without all the physical forces.

By real racing simulator, I mean these machines do a good job at replicating the feel of driving. The steering wheels take real effort to turn, and will pull opposite directions depending on your racing line. I was most impressed with the brake pedal. Most racing games use a potentiometer for the brake control, which measures pedal travel, but there is not feel to it. Turn2Racing uses a load cell for the brake control, meaning if you want to brake hard, you better push hard. With a potentiometer, you only push farther.

My 2 driving tips for to increase your enjoyment at Turn2Racing.

  1. Look at the brake pressure meter the first few minutes of your driving experience. If you are not filling up the bar graph with a red bar, you are not using the brake
  2. Choose a simple track layout and a slower car, I like the Miata MX-5 Cup car. This will allow you to learn a track, learn the machine, and focus on decreasing your lap times.

Once you have a basic understanding of the operation of the machines and controls, the driving experience becomes exponentially more enjoyable.

So, go check it out – http://www.turn2racing.com

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