What Fuel Does the Briggs and Stratton Local Option 206 Run?

Question – What Fuel Does the Briggs and Stratton LO206 Run?

Answer – The Briggs and Stratton LO206 engine is designed to run a good quality pump fuel. So, if you are out practicing, stop by your local gas station and fill up a few gallons of regular pump gas.

The long answer will change based on your racing series, rules, etc. Our local club that I participate in does not call out a specific gas for the LO206 engine. It is an understanding that the racers will not intentionally cheat by burning fuels designed to enhance performance, increase your chance of cancer, burn your eyes……. you get the idea. A few people need to be reminded that club racing is designed to keep racing local, cost effective, and most importantly… FUN!

For those that want to cheat their way to a 8.00 dollar trophy, you can’t ruin your fun to stop them.

Now the longer answer. Our local regional KPX series requires a spec fuel. At the time of this article, KPX would select 1 local gas station to the race event. They would call out the gas station and octane rating. The tech officials would also grab samples from stated gas station.

So, short answer, when in doubt, ask your club to be 100% certain. Just don’t cheat!

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